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Näringsliv Ulricehamn

Do you have plans to set up here in Ulricehamn? Then please contact us here at Näringsliv Ulricehamn AB. We can quickly point you in the right direction and provide you with the information you need. By making use of our expertise and our network of contacts, your establishment here will be as smooth as possible.

Camilla Palm - personal

Camilla Palm


Telefon: 0321- 59 59 62

Overall responsibility for all operations within the company.

Helena Haglund - personal

Helena Haglund

Tourist manager

Telefon: 0321- 59 59 64

Works with the strategic development for tourism in the municipality.

Patrik, landsbygdsutvecklare

Patrik Andersson

Business & Rural Developer
Project coordinator

Telefon: 0321-59 59 67

Works with business and rural development and is the contact person for the Rural Alliance and other development groups in Ulricehamn Municipality.

Dag Andersson

Business developer

Telefon: 0321-595963

Works with business development and establishments.

Klas Persson - personal

Klas Persson

Communicator, marketing

Telefon: 0321-59 59 82

Responsible for the company’s digital communication via websites and social media.

Turistkommunikatör Linnea

Linnea Persson

Tourist communicator, marketing

Telefon: 0321-59 59 60

Responsible for Ulricehamns Tourist Office and ulricehamnsturistbyra.se. Contact person for Lassalyckan’s Vasalopp center and InfoPoint.

Linda Fritzon - personal

Linda Fritzson

Trade developer

Telefon: 0321-59 59 69

Works with development of trade in Ulricehamn. Responsible for and arranges events and activities for Ulricehamn’s City Association.

Gunilla Holgerson - personal

Gunilla Holgerson



Works with the company’s finances, administration and accounting.

Johanna Wichers - personal

Johanna Wichers

Communicator – Parental leave

Responsible for the company’s digital communication via websites and social media.